Polly was issued a Penalty Charge Notice in the summer of 2016 by a neighbouring council.  Owing to her mental health issues and multiple debts, the PCN had not been paid when Citizens Advice Havering began helping her in November 2019.  In spite of emails and telephone calls chasing the Council to put a stop to the PCN, by March 2020 the issue had reached the legal stage. The outstanding amount was £75.  Our Adviser needed a response from the Council to finalise Polly’s budget statement and to progress to resolving her debt issues.  Following our Adviser’s intervention, the Council agreed to write off the debt.


In November 2019 Polly had received a fixed penalty charge of £150 from another neighbouring Council for the offence of littering which she denied.  The Adviser wrote to that Council asking them to freeze the charge to prevent the debt from increasing while a full assessment was made of Polly’s financial situation.   Having received no reply by February, our Adviser contacted the Council who said they had received the letter which had not been actioned because it was not on their system.  Following our Adviser’s intervention, the charge was written off.