We saw a client some months after he had been sacked following a relatively short period of sickness. Because of strict time limits and lack of subsequent appeal by the client, we were unable to assist further in this regard. However, we discovered that not only had he been sacked, but that he was being chased for repayment of training costs amounting to £1700. While his contract provided for recovery of these expenses, it was decided to challenge the demand citing the company’s prior knowledge of our client’s situation, the nature of his termination and the fact of his vulnerable status.


We accordingly wrote to the company citing the above reasons with a request to write off the debt. The company refused and suggested that the client might wish to consider a debt repayment plan.


After a number of phone calls and emails, the company accepted that there was in fact a case for reconsidering their decision and agreed to write off the client’s debt. 


The client was accordingly able to put this extremely stressful and unhappy experience behind him and carry on with his life.