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Citizens Advice Havering would like to share the following good news stories:-

Vicky was still employed when she came to us.  We helped to raise a grievance in respect of disability and race discrimination and recovery of an overpayment of wages and to settle fo:-

*Ex gratia payment of £16,000.00 tax-free

*Accrued annual leave and payment in lieu of notice - £10,497.36 less tax

*Employer pension contributions of £277.09

*Employer waived its right to recover the overpayment of wages - £1,512.68    



Tony was dismissed after 3 months. This triggered a clause in his contract for re-payment of training costs (£6,000). His employer deducted £1,770.02 from his final pay and made an application for £4,229.98 in the County Court. We helped Tony by making a claim in the Tribunal and asking the County Court to postpone the case until the Tribunal’s judgement. Tony was helped throughout the Tribunal process.  The Tribunal awarded his unpaid wages (£1,770.02) and stated it found no evidence of training being provided and rejected the employer’s claim for costs.

Ron came to us with less than 2 years’ service; he was worried that he was being forced out of his employment due to having a stroke. We helped him to raise a grievance in respect of disability discrimination. Unfortunately, he was dismissed but was able to settle for a tax-free sum of £30,000.

John came to us a few days before the Free Representation Unit deadline for representation.  He had made a case to the Tribunal for non-payment of wages of about £5,900.  His employer did not deny that John had worked those hours and should be paid but alleged that a cash-in-hand payment of £3,500 had already been made to him. John denied that such a payment had been made.

Debbie was supported by us through the Tribunal process in respect of her claim for constructive dismissal and sex discrimination.  She was empowered to settle through judicial mediation for £30,000 tax-free plus a reference.

Clare came to us for help when she was invited to an investigation meeting (the start of the disciplinary process), and was subsequently dismissed after being on suspension and not being given all the evidence it was claimed the company used to dismiss her. With our guidance, she settled through ACAS for £4,000 tax-free plus a reference.

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